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Don't want to listen to everything and would rather jump into the episodes with the best reviews/guests. Don't blame you!
Below are the top ten or so episodes we think you should listen to...

Episode Guest Highlight Reason
37 Arnold Allen Great guests, UFC fighter Arnold along with his S&C coach and Sean Carter.
39 John Maguire UFC veteran John joins us in person to talk about gypsy life, fighting in the UFC, donuts and much more.
50 None Our fiftieth episode and Chris drops a great story about his most embarrasing moment.
54 Roger Gracie We travel to London to meet the 10 times World Champion and BJJ legend Roger Gracie.
58 Luke Barnatt Daz talks to UFC veteran and all round good guy Luke Barnatt in Spain. Not great sound but a great guest.
59&60 Justin Wren Humanaitarian, UFC veteran and current Bellator Heavyweight Justin Wren joins up for a fascinating and often sad episode.
74 Elias Theodorou We travel to London again and meet Canadian UFC star Elias straight off the plane at Heathrow for this episode.
75 Mike Dolce We are joined by three time trainer of the year and the worlds most famous nutritionist Mike Dolce.
Bonus Various The compilation episode at the end of 2016 where we listen to the best clips of the whole year.

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